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GDC - People of the Caribbean

Created in 1999 as a non-profit organization in accordance with the French Law and Decree of 1901, Gens de la Caraïbe (People of the Caribbean) is a network which has undertaken the mission of developing, promoting and preserving the cultures of the Caribbean in partnership with its contributors and cultural organisations.

* Development, promotion and distribution

The Gens de la Caraïbe network is driven by the desire to offer the wider public a better knowledge of these plural cultures and identities and their capacities for expression, creation and innovation.    
The network mainly operates in the spheres of theatre arts, visual arts, oral traditions, literature and other cultural expressions.
Gens de la Caraïbe primarily operates in Guadeloupe,
Martinique, French Guiana and Haiti but is also found in Europe and the Indian Ocean.

    * Support and exchange with professionals

Gens de la Caraïbe provides support to artistes and cultural organisations by facilitating joint work and the exchange of information and knowledge.
Today, Gens de la Caraïbe comprises some forty organizations and professionals from the cultural sphere have joined this network of Caribbean cultures.
National theatre institutions, foundations, cultural centres and theatrical companies unite their skills to develop a wider audience for Caribbean cultures and in turn benefit from greater public visibility.

    * Cultural Development Initiatives

The activities carried out by Gens de la Caraïbe are aimed at stimulating the creation, preservation and distribution of cultural resources.
They therefore assist in the consolidation and development of the Caribbean cultural sector and in fostering the circulation of works within their own domains as well as a stronger presence within regional, national, European and international distribution circuits.
Gens de la Caraïbe is particularly involved in the development of cultural tourism that is sensitive to local forms of cultural expression.

    * Website:

In order to strengthen cultural ties among the Americas,
Amazonia, the Indian Ocean and Europe, the website of
Gens de la Caraïbe offers regularly updated cultural information to the wider public.  On the website, in addition to many other headings, one can find Gens de la Caraïbe’s current events pages, its features on artistes, its cultural guide, columns and special pages devoted to members of the network.

    * The “Ici and Là-bas” newsletter and press releases

Each month, Gens de la Caraïbe produces its electronic newsletter called “Ici et là-bas” (Here and there).  Open to all, it gives a overview of Caribbean activities and initiatives, focusing primarily on culture-related current events.  Gens de la Caraïbe also provides the latest news as well as information on emerging projects and must-see events by e-mail.

    * Members and Volunteers

Since its inception, Gens de la Caraïbe has been supported by numerous members and volunteers.  Resident in Europe as well as in the Caribbean, more than three hundred persons lend moral and financial support to the organisation’s aim of mutual help and solidarity.

 * Partners

The activities and projects of Gens de la Caraïbe have been supported by:

- The Ministry for Overseas France

- The Ministry of Tourism

- The Ministry of Labour

- The Ministry of Culture (RDCA Guadeloupe, RDCA Martinique, RDCA French Guiana)

- The Region of Guadeloupe and the European Union

- The City of Paris

- Fondation de France

Website :

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